Hawke Bassignani is a designer at Blizzard Entertainment who works on Heroes of the Storm and esports. Read his writing see his work

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Heroes of the Storm

A redesigned game site for Blizzard’s MOBA

Design (web)

Heroes Esports (HGC)

A new home for Heroes of the Storm esports

Design (web)

Tespa Brand & Website

A redesign for Blizzard’s network of college gaming groups

Design (web, branding)


BU’s award-winning, print and online alumni magazine

Design, front-end build (web)

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On Specialization

A parable on the dangers of hyper-specialized designers

Dev Diary 1: Baby’s First App

When you have a dozen app ideas, how do you choose which one to build?

Bonjour, Monde!

New site, new post — enjoy!

On Autocorrect

Dear iPhone, my name is Hawke, not “Gayle.” Lobe, Hawke